PokerGO brings Friday Night Poker to the Faded Spade Card Club

Friday Night Poker returns to PokerGO via the Faded Spade Card Club during a special sit and go style online poker tournament with your favorite poker pros and personalities.

A fully white label branded poker table and customized poker game will be on display while thousands of people watch the action on the Faded Spade Card Club via an entertaining live stream on PokerGO.

Watch Maria Ho, Brian Koppelman, Scott Blumstein, Joey Ingram, David Williams, Christian Harder, and more each Friday at 7PM PT. Watch!

The Faded Spade Card Club is a new social play poker platform where passionate poker players can play for free at anytime in public or private-invite poker games. They can play a variety of poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, Horse and more.

There are also paid subscription options for a password-protected custom poker ring game or sit and go tournament table. You can choose from a variety of poker game settings, and include your home game or league name, and table logo / graphic to personalize your game.

Businesses can also use the Faded Spade Card Club to engage their customer base, or attract new customers, with special business promotion plans as well.

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