Polk vs Negreanu starts today

polk vs negreanu
Will there be fireworks on PokerGO?

Those poker players who didn’t lose their rolls betting on Trump vs Biden get a chance to do it on another fierce grudge match today, as Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu finally face off against each other.

The long awaited match between the two rivals starts today after years of insults (mostly from Polk).

The format is 25,000 hands of $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em. 100 big blinds ($40,000 stacks) which auto top-up. The losing player may quit or raise the stakes at the 12,500 hands mark.

The match will take place at WSOP.com, however the first 200 hands will take place live in the PokerGO studios this evening from 8pm ET (02:00 CET). This will be the only opportunity we will get to see both men trade barbs face to face and you can watch it free on YouTube.

Both men have deposited $1 million on WSOP.com in anticipation of the match and both men have lucrative side bets on the outcome (mostly with Bill Perkins).

The online action is expected to be streamed by third parties and without hole cards shown. Kane Kalas has been agreed as the official commentator for the match, though no word on which channel and when the streams will take place. There will be 2-3 online matches per week and the feud could last several months.

Charts are allowed

One unusual last minute update, following a month of arguments about the fairness of starting hand charts, Negreanu has done a U-turn and allowed them in the match:

You can bet on the match with PokerShares (we are not affiliated with them) and currently Negreanu is the big underdog at 5-1.

Who will win? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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