PopScreen Games has ambitions to develop the CCG-RPG genre and expand studio, supported …

French mobile game studio PopScreen Games, led by gaming industry veterans, is looking to leverage its expertise in mobile Collectible Card Game-Role Playing Game (CCG-RPG) to bring games of the genre to another level. The objective is to enroll players with popular themes and simple gameplays and engage them with mid-core metagame.

CEO of PopScreen Games, Davy Chadwick, shared that casual gamers are getting more educated and are looking for deeper game experiences. More players are now seeking progression, achievement, and completion. They also expect a wide range of content to be developed for them.

“It is important to broaden the players’ engagement from the time of release. This includes launching titles in more markets including specific culturalised content” said Davy Chadwick. To do so, PopScreen Games has announced that Singapore-based developer and publisher Garena has made a strategic investment to acquire a minority interest in the company.

“We are excited to start this new adventure with such an esteemed partner,” Chadwick added. “This opportunity with Garena offers us a solid runway to deploy our vision, ‘RPGs for everyone!’. We want to offer instantly satisfying gameplays combined with an RPG loop based on deep progression systems and goals.”

Sustainable policies

Building a new studio also comes with an operational strategy.

“A new studio is not only about products anymore, we need to offer more and make sure we have sustainable studio policies, respectful of the variety of people we want to attract,” said Chadwick.

“We, therefore, base our internal HR approach around 2 pillars: trusted autonomy and a non-bullying environment. Gaming is one of the industries where you can work daily with a wide diversity of people; this diversity is an asset which needs to be taken care of.”

PopScreen Games’ first project, ‘Dumbs vs Monsters’, is a mid-core collectible cards RPG, which is planned for launch in 2021. The studio is currently looking for passionate game professionals to develop its core team.

The founding team of PopScreen Games is formed by industry veterans with more than four decades of combined experience in mobile game development. They have previously worked in leadership positions at companies such as gumi, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Ubisoft, PokerStars, and Vivendi Games Mobile.

Garena is a leading online games developer and publisher with a global footprint across more than 130 markets. Garena is the developer and publisher of Free Fire, an immersive battle royale game created specifically with mobile gamers in mind. In 2019, Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game globally, according to App Annie.

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