Resume Template Louis Stevens

Let’s get you a professional resume template together! You are not on your own, I’m here to help with your resume!

You don’t need any software or installing fonts. Simply open the template files in Google Docs, edit my dummy text and save your perfect resume. All resume templates in this package are designed for and in Google Docs.

Resume Checklist – Tips for the Perfect Resume included in the package! Tips and tricks for the perfect resume that gets you the job!

Resume Template Louis Stevens package includes Resume Template 1 page and 2 page, Cover Letter template, and References template. All documents can be edited easily and quickly.

  • Resume Template 1 Page & 2 Page in Google Docs (A4 and US Letter )
  • Cover Letter Template in Google Docs ( A4 and US Letter )
  • References Template in Google Docs (A4 and US Letter )
  • Required Fonts files & Icons
  • Help file in PDF with extended tips on editing
  • Resume Checklist – Tips for the Perfect Resume
  • After purchase support/Technical support
  • Heading sections
  • All body text
  • Colours
  • Fonts and font sizes
  • Any section can be added, duplicated or deleted
  • Formatting e.g. alignment, paragraph spacing, design, font style, layout etc.
  • Changing the icons, resizing and colour
  • Having problems with the templates
  • Printing or saving the resume to PDF file without borders after the resume is complete
  • Any questions related to the resume, cover letter or references templates
  • You only need a Google account – sign up is FREE.


  • Email us via the Contact Us page in case you need help or have any questions.

All files are copyright© and original to All files are only for personal use and may not be resold or redistributed under any circumstances.

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