Review: Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition

12 Great Bottles of Whiskey That Will Make Dad’s Day

A nice bottle of whiskey (or whisky) is a classic dad gift for a reason. Every bottle of bourbon, scotch, or rye tells a story — a story of ingredients, of process, of time, of land. Well chosen, a bottle of whiskey speaks to a dad’s taste and style, sure, but also reflects how his palate has changed. Maybe he used to be a whiskey and coke man but now, with more time to sit and relax, he prefers to sip a well-aged scotch. Or maybe you just want to treat dad to something a bit more expensive than he normally buys himself. Either way, if you’re searching for the best whiskey for a first-time father or an old hand, you’ll surely find it in the bottles below. Representing a variety of prices and styles, there’s a bottle here for dads of every style.

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