Roulette game

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Roulette game

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This page is compliant with w3c standards, and is responsive.
The following technologies were used to create this game:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3, Flexbox
  • JavaScript, PIXI.js, TexturePacker
  • Node.js
  • Gulp, Autoprefixer, Babel
  • Git

Using and cloning a project

  1. You can clone the project or download the archive with the project.
  2. The build directory contains a fully working project with all the necessary resources. The index.html file is the entry point. To start the game, you need to start the http-server in this directory and open the index file in your browser.
  3. The src directory contains source files. If you want to work with source files, then you must have a node.js, gulp.js and npm installed. To install all dependencies, you need to go to the project root in the console (for example: C:/Users/User/Desktop/roulette_game_js-master) and run the command: npm i . Then we run the gulp task in the console: gulp watch . Then Gulp will track changes in source files and place processed files in the build directory.


Roulette game



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