She finds the card games sexist and racist, she creates a completely new version

The coronavirus, which has been around for more than a year, has changed the daily lives of many people and released their creative fiber for some. For the occasion, it’s Indy Mellink’s turn to talk about her. Indeed, the 23-year-old Dutch woman has developed a card game called GSB Playing Cards, which is designed to tackle the gender and racial inequalities that she deemed present.

Make way for a new card trio

A few months ago, in the middle of a detention period, Indy and his family looked after themselves with the means they had. The family spent part of their time playing the traditional card game. This time, however, the young woman realized that the game in question exhibited gender inequalities, particularly due to the trio of king, queen and valet. Having concluded this, he wants to change these codes. A discussion with his parents and his talents as a graphic designer therefore made it possible to set up the GSB playing cards (Gold Silver Bronze) with new cards and new designs for them in October 2020.

From now on you can no longer play the famous characters in the game. However, you can rely on an already known hierarchy, especially in sports, with bronze, silver and gold.

I really want to emphasize that I don’t want to polarize people and take something away from them. I was raised by my mother to always think about my decisions and to look for alternatives that go outside the box. So I wanted to create something more comprehensive for those who think and want like me and offer more choice!

With his creation, Indy doesn’t want to be a character who fights against this kind of inequality. Still, she wanted to find a simple alternative to what she considers minor in view of the basic problem, because “even subtle inequalities like these play a big role,” as she explained for Bored Panda.

If the creation was originally intended only for you and your family, inquiries quickly popped up until batches of 500 packages were ordered. Now the Dutch woman does not want to stop there and would like to see whether other projects can develop in this dynamic.

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