So I won $10,000

First off, congratulations!

Second off, start saving losing lottery tickets. Even if they’re not yours, especially if they’re not yours.

This way if you don’t lose $10,000 between the casinos and scratchers this year, when it comes time to do your 2021 taxes, you’re going to deduct this entire $10,000 – and any other winnings you had that you couldn’t get out of declaring this year – from your return. This will likely push you over the standard deduction, so you will begin to start itemizing things like donations to thrift stores, health care expenses, etc. – stuff you would never bother with before because your standard deduction would be better, but this year that’s different!

The government does not deserve any portion of anyone’s winnings. This bullshit doesn’t happen in any first world country except the US (and us being first world is debatable right now.) Do what you can to negate unfair taxes.

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