Struggling to understand Blackjack rules, first time ever playing a card game.

I’m a bit confused what happens every round. Bear with me like this is Explain Like I’m five!

1: We play as a group of five, with one as the dealer. The dealer win and take the pot, but never permanently lose, correct?

2: The two first cards people are given at the start are both up, then the rest is hidden. Correct? But the deal only has one hidden, never anything more?

3: The choices are to ask for a new card or stay, correct? When then is the betting done?

4: What is a split?????

5: When is the round over? When is the game over? If a player says stay can they never go on? Is an instant 21 game over? Or do everyone continue and try to get 21?

6: The deal has to give the player 150% of their money?

Sorry if this seems annoying, I just want to

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