The Poker Forge HUGE 2020 Black Friday Deal

The Poker Forge HUGE 2020 Black Friday Deal

For Black Friday 2020 and the first time ever, you can have Lifetime Membership to the Poker Forge for only $297.

This is the deal you’ve been waiting for to finally pull the trigger and join the best online poker training site that guides you through your poker journey step-by-step.

I know you’re tired of trying to piecemeal your education together through random videos, articles and podcast episodes. You’ve been wanting to join a membership site for a long time but you just don’t know that it’s worth it.

Well, I’m telling you The Poker Forge absolutely IS worth it and it’s a steal at $297 for LIFETIME access.

This Lifetime Membership deal will open to the Black Friday Waitlist on November 23rd so they get first dibs.

Waitlist Members who purchase Lifetime Membership on the 23rd also get an exclusive group coaching event. I will teach a brand new poker lesson and answer all your questions. This special event is only for Lifetime Members who join the Waitlist, so join the Waitlist above right MEOW ?.

For those who do not join the Black Friday Waitlist, the $297 Lifetime Membership offer will open to the public on Wednesday the 25th through Cyber Monday the 30th.

Why you MUST become a Lifetime Poker Forge Member:

  • Access to 7 masterclass courses with an 8th course currently in development that teach you foundational poker skills which lead to a profitable and enjoyable poker journey. These courses are valued at over $1,000 individually.
  • Each training video gives you the strategies you need to excel, but also the action steps to take on- and off-the-felt that reinforce the strategies you learn.
  • Monthly LIVE coaching events where you will be taught a new poker lesson. Also, get your questions answered and one member’s database will be reviewed for leaks (beginning December).
  • Monthly Zoom hang out and a value-added tournament (beginning December).
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group to discuss poker with other Poker Forge members.
  • Bonus podcast and video trainings that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Periodic updates to existing courses with new content inspired by member’s questions and requests.
  • Member only discounts on Smart Poker Study products.

Lifetime Membership at just $297 is a crazy deal that you can’t pass up. At the current monthly rate of $49, your membership begins paying for itself after just six months.

Each course within the Poker Forge comes with a calendar and checklist that guide you to smartly completing each while taking necessary action along the way. If you follow my recommended timelines, it will take you 10 months to complete all 8 courses. But with Lifetime Membership, you can take all the time you need. Plus, you can go back and refresh yourself with the valuable strategies you previously studied.

For the crazy deal and all the additional goodies listed above, you owe it to yourself and to your poker journey to become a Lifetime Poker Forge Member on the 23rd.

Join the Black Friday Waitlist NOW so you get first crack at this incredible offer along with the exclusive group coaching for Waitlist Lifetime Members only.

I’m looking forward to opening this incredible deal to the Waitlist on November 23 and to the rest of the public on the 25th.

Hope to see you as my newest Lifetime Poker Forge Member,


Sky Matsuhashi is the creator of the Smart Poker Study Podcast. He has authored 3 poker books including ‘How to Study Poker Volumes 1 & 2′ and ‘Preflop Online Poker‘. As a poker coach, Sky is dedicated to helping his students play more effectively, earn more money and be 1% better every day.

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