Thinking long-term is the key to success for players and YourPokerDream too

Only those who think and plan for the long term can be successful in the long term

It’s no secret that long-term alignment and mindset is the key to success for any poker player. This does not only apply to poker players, but also to YourPokerDream as a poker affiliate. Time and again we get questions from players about why we differ from the competition in many ways.

An example that keeps coming up is a question about GGPoker. Players want to know why we don’t offer special fixed rakeback deals like some other affiliates. The answer is relatively simple, since such deals are not allowed by the GGNetwork. Of course we could ignore it and quietly offer it to all players, but that’s not how we work and there are certain reasons for that. We are now going into a little more detail about these reasons.

Apart from the fact that it would be disrespectful to simply ignore certain guidelines, in the long term this can backfire if the poker room suddenly blocks the affiliate due to a rule break or changes the deal. What was the point if, in the end, both the player and the affiliate get nothing? We receive numerous emails every day from players who have signed up through some small affiliate and have received an illegal rakeback deal. Now the affiliate has been blocked or simply can’t offer the player anything anymore and the shouting is great. These players now all want to subsequently link their player accounts with YourPokerDream to take advantage of our exclusive deals/promotions. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible if a player account has been created through another affiliate, and that’s right.

Our point of view here is relatively simple: This would not have happened with YourPokerDream! In no way do we mean to say that no other affiliate except we work seriously. But it is a fact that our way of working and strategy differs from many other affiliates. On the one hand, we adhere to the guidelines, all of our promotions/deals are completely legal, approved by the providers and are long-term. Another aspect is that YourPokerDream, even if many players may think we are not a rakeback affiliate.

Of course we offer the highest deals / promotions and, depending on the poker room, also fantastic flat rakeback deals, but our focus is not only on rakeback and targeting professional players. We also do a lot to appeal to ordinary hobby players and the players who put the money into the system and make sure that everything works.

The poker room and the affiliate must think alike

Here we come back to the topic that has to be thought long-term. The poker room must do it just like a good affiliate. It’s not just about using all your might to get all the pros to sign up for a poker room. Of course these players are very important and every poker room as well as we are happy to have such players, because they are the ones who generate the big turnover in the long run. But it has to be clear to everyone that a poker room cannot survive in the long term if only the sharks hang around the tables. So it goes without saying that an affiliate who brings 90% players to the table who get money out of the system is nowhere near as much as an affiliate who brings in ordinary players.

A healthy balance is vital and many just don’t understand that. Too often there is only short-term thinking and affiliates fight each other with some kind of illegal deals to get a player just to earn something in the short term. Almost nobody thinks about the future.

Let’s take the iPoker network as an example, which has been passed backwards for years and rightly so. No poker network has more skins than iPoker and there are no really clear rules for the skins. Everyone can roughly do what they want. This creates a completely chaotic situation for the poker room and also affiliates. The players jump from provider to provider, there is a new welcome bonus, there is 1% more rakeback etc. 90% of the affiliates do nothing else than lure players away from one skin to another. That is all well and good, but what should such a business policy bring in the long term? iPoker doesn’t seem to care and everyone carries on happily.

The GG network, for example, does not want the players to jump from skin to skin and has structured the whole thing in such a way that all skins are almost identical. Everyone accesses the fish buffet, there are the same tables, tournaments and the promotions are the same for all providers that are part of the network. Sure here and there a provider has a little extra promotion or a different welcome bonus, but 95% of the time everything is the same. There is also a clear guideline for providers and affiliates, with the aim of recruiting new players and not pushing players from A to B as happens in our example with iPoker or the WPN network.

Affiliates also have to do their part

Affiliates should have the same goal, because in the long run everyone benefits from the fact that you finally stop luring players from poker rooms and affiliates in order to push them to a skin on the same network. This does not mean that this should no longer be allowed at all, or that a player is not allowed to change, it should just not be the focus. It’s not that we haven’t already benefited from it. It just shouldn’t be the focus and you should use the energy elsewhere.

We at YourPokerDream will always make sure that we have the best deals for our players, but we will never lose sight of the bigger picture and always do our best to make our contribution to the online poker market. Everyone should have understood by now that we no longer have 2010 and that the market has changed. Online poker is by no means dead as many people claim, it’s just a different time.

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