Virginia will be Accepting Applications for Sports Betting Licenses

Virginia will be Accepting Applications for Sports Betting LicensesWhile West Virginia is ahead of Virginia in the sports betting market, Virginia is ready to give them some competition. This is because yesterday, the Virginia Lottery Board made an announcement pertaining to sports betting. Thus, Virginia will be Accepting Applications for Sports Betting Licenses in the fall of 2020.

In addition, according to sports betting software companies, Virginia expects to have legal sports betting available by January 2021. This will include license for mobile sports betting platforms as well as in-location sports betting.

This news came during a virtual public meeting on Wednesday about the initial draft of the sports betting regulations. In addition, details of the draft were made available on the Virginia Lotter Website. The website goes into details about the licensing process and consumer protection regulations.

Legal Sports Betting in Virginia starts with Accepting Applications for Sports Betting Licenses

Sports Betting in Virginia became legal earlier this summer after the approval of Bill HB 896 and SB 384. According to Sportsbook PPH companies, these two bills define sports betting in Virginia and allows the constructions of casinos.

Since then, Now, the Virginia Lottery has taken several stepts to enable sports betting and gambling within the state. Now that the first draft of the sports betting regulations is ready, they are taking public feedback.

Once the public comment period is over, the structure and regulations of sports betting will be available in August. Thereafter, the Virginia Lottery Board will have to have the gambling regulatory framework ready by September 15, 2020. Thereafter, those who want to know How to be a Bookie in Virginia will have the rules and regulations available.

If all goes well, Virginia will be taking its first sports betting license application by October of this year. According to the legislation, the Virginia Lottery will be able to issue up to 12 licenses for mobile sports wagering.

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