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We Bought EVERYTHING Store Roulette Chose For Us!
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Today we are using a website we found that creates a store roulette! That means, every time we hit the button a new store will pop up, and we have to buy something from it no matter what. We ended up buying some extremely strange things that we weren’t expecting, and you’ll have to watch the whole video to see!

00:00 – Welcome Back to Dope or Nope
02:08 – First Secret Website We Buy From
03:20 – mEgA gLaSsEs
06:20 – Secret Website #2
07:44 – it’s a boat sensor wow so cool can’t believe it
09:03 – Secret Website #3
10:26 – The Legend Of Matt’s Missing Water Bottle
14:15 – Secret Website #4
17:28 – Joji Berries – Slow Dancing in My Dark Mouth

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