What do you guys do about alcohol at casinos during COVID

Frankly, I don’t go. Yay states with legalized online gambling.

I don’t think there any good options really. Live gambling is a no fun zone for me right now. I don’t disagree with the restrictions in place, but they make me want to avoid it altogether. Hopefully in another 6 months we’ll have a majority of the country vaccinated and we’ll be heading towards normalcy.

I know in PA you can bring a drink to a machine that was served in a restaurant with food. Some establishments might have a “Oh, you want pretzel bites and a beer? I’ll those right to you. Make sure you eat those here.”<wink> <wink> kind of situation, but I don’t know.

Another option is bring in some beers in the pockets of a winter coat and refresh your drink in the bathroom. Besides being gross these places can’t allow you to bring in outside alcohol so you risk getting kicked out if caught. But hey, desperate times, desperate measures.

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