Where can you play poker online with friends?

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With second lockdowns happening all over the world a lot of people are looking for ways to entertain themselves at home right now while remaining social with their friends. One of the fastest growing new search terms around poker this year has been ‘where to play poker online with friends‘ as people are looking to recreate their poker home game online.

Not many poker sites offer private tables just for friends and most now have ‘blind lobbies’ meaning you are sat with players randomly, with no way to arrange to meet your friends somewhere.

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The big exception to this is the Home Games feature from PokerStars PokerStars.uk PokerStars PokerStars.dk PokerStars.be PokerStars.ee PokerStars.pt. As the name suggests it is a way to create a private members only game with your buddies. You can play cash games or tournaments, for real money or play money. They also offer every format including No Limit Hold’em, PLO, Seven Card Stud and 5-Card Draw, as well as the newer PokerStars formats like PKO, Fusion, 6+ and Swap Hold’em.

You and your friends need to create a PokerStars PokerStars.uk PokerStars PokerStars.dk PokerStars.be PokerStars.ee PokerStars.pt account and then find the ‘Home Games’ tab in the PokerStars lobby. Here you have the option to create a Poker Club or join an existing one.

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When you create a club you will be able to invite up to 100 friends using a unique invitation password, so only they can join it. From there you can set up games in any format and stakes that take your fancy. You can even set-up fun things like tournament leaderboards and look at statistics for the best performing club members.

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A Home Game leaderboard

And of course, don’t forget the banter in the PokerStars chat facility and PokerStars have confirmed it’s OK to use webcams in these poker games.

Play free online poker with your friends

There are currently three real money poker rooms which offer private online poker games with friends and all of them are included in our free poker money offers and Tell-a-Friend scheme. That means you can play virtual online poker with friends, without any of you having to deposit money, and you can get cash from us for referring your buddies to play poker too.

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1. Join PokerStrategy

Create an account so you can refer friends and get our exclusive deals

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2A. Join PokerStars

Get a freeplay bonus plus access to our Double Action Freerolls

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2B. Join Unibet

Get free tournament tokens plus access to our €10,000 rake race

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2C. Join 888poker

No deposit required for our exclusive bonus from 888poker

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3. Refer your Friends

Share your Tell-a-Friend details to earn money on their play and to get them the same free poker money to play with

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4A. Start at Home Game

PokerStars have the most robust Home Game system in the industry, it’s easy to set up a private poker game

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4B. Create a private Unibet MTT

You can create private scheduled password MTTs just for your friends

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4C. Make a private 888 game

Set up private MTTs and cash games just for your buddies

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5. Start a Hangout

To give your home game a real twist, start Google Hangouts to tease your friends and see their faces

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6. Brag in our forums

After you win your home game, head on over to our member forum to tell us how it went

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