Who’s your Jeopardy replacement pick? Bovada has a slim selection. Who do you see getting it and why? Willing to take on a friendly bet?

Laura Coates or levar burton are my two top picks. I would almost guarantee it won’t be a straight white male again, which might make Anderson a candidate, but he’s already got a cushy job. Levar isn’t doing anything of note currently, and Laura Coates doesn’t have a regular gig outside of a podcast or a part time legal gig on cnn, so she’s in the running too. My moneys on either one of them, Alex Faust was a favorite too, he’s got a solid gig as the la kings announcer, he’s young, but he’s a white straight man so I doubt he’s got a feasible shot. I put my money on Coates because she’s young and checks the minority and female box.

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