Why should you definitely try Multi Roulette in Holland Casino?

Why try Multi Roulette in Holland Casino?

Are you a big Roulette fan? Then Holland Casino is the place to be for you. In its branches all over the Netherlands you can play multiple Roulette variations. So it comes as no surprise that fans of American Roulette and European Roulette love to visit Holland Casino. Or perhaps you’re a bigger fan of Multi Roulette, which can be found in this casino as well!

The advantages of Multi Roulette
Multi Roulette is a popular version of the traditional game. People love it because they can play a live version on a slot machine. It’s a modern game with a touchscreen. It offers several advantages in comparison with traditional Roulette. First, you have way more privacy than usual because each player has his or her own playing field. Second, you’re able to play every roulette option of American Roulette. This is because of the fact that Multi Roulette has a connection with Live American Roulette. It’s table is actually a smaller version.

Playing fields of Multi Roulette

As a Multi Roulette player you see several playing fields which are linked to one of the American Roulette tables or the Roulette wheel. This wheel is important in every Roulette game, whether it’s the Multi or American version. It decides if you win or not. In total there are two screen used for this game, one for the regular playing field and one for placing a bet on the neighbor bet. Did you know that it’s not necessary to buy colored chips at the Roulette table? All the bets that you place are yours only. This prevents confusion among players.



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