Will you make more friends when you win the lottery jackpot?


These Euromillions winners pose in an Aston Martin. Have they made more friends since they won?

I don’t know many wealthy people personally. They tend not to make friends easily because they often use people for what they can get from them.

A few years ago I met a guy on one of my car racing training courses and we got along like a house on fire.

I invited him over for coffee and a ride in my Aston Martin because he seemed like a keen car guy.

He was a property developer, and I guess very well off. But I never heard from him again.

Many people at that level make friends because they want something from them.

I didn’t have anything he wanted, I suppose.


Another invited me to a meeting because he was about to lose his boat – a large reconverted tug that slept 10 – through his financial problems.

He wanted ideas on how to keep it, and a group of us sat around a large boardroom table discussing his predicament.

After I couldn’t contribute any strategy, I haven’t seen him again for years.

Here’s another high flyer – in property too – is that an indicator of something?

His selection of Rolls Royces and other cars were badly maintained. He used to drive along the pavement in his narrow street and scuff the wheels. His million-dollar cars were scratched and never clean.

We wouldn’t have got on. I’m quite different when it comes to looking after possessions … I take the time to honor the makers of my stuff by keeping them clean and well looked after.


When you become rich from the lottery, how will you make friends?

  • Will you look after your stuff, or take it for granted?

  • Will you help others without wanting anything back?

We often think a lot of money will make our lives spectacularly good.

And it does in many ways… by freeing us from debt and allowing us true freedom in a material world.

But the best improvement we can make is by being ourselves and keeping our values. If you are aware of that, then you won’t fall into the trap that so many other jackpot lottery winners have done.

Stay true to yourself I’ve found – it always pays off.

Ken,I played your Silver Lottery for 3 weeks and got $75,000 between 2 games. To say I’m amazed is an understatement. My family have just been told and it is like a giant birthday for them. Thank you again for all your help. Joan W.

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