WSOP Free Poker Game Launches 1m Free Chips Promotion

WSOP Free Poker Game Launches 1m Free Chips Promotion

New customers to the free online World Series of Poker app can get their hands on 1,000,000 chips absolutely free when they sign up today.

What’s more, PokerNews is offering existing customers 300,000 free chips when they use bonus code ‘WSOOOP’.

This is all part of a series of exciting promotions coming to the app that will help players from all over the world – especially in the United States – get their fix of fun, friendly poker action.

Check out their latest video!

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WSOP Free Poker Game – How do I get chips?

While new customers will earn 1,000,000 chips just for signing up, existing customers also have a shot at earning some free chips.

All they have to do in order to get an extra 300,000 chips is enter the bonus code ‘WSOOOP’ on the WSOP client.

World Series of Poker Free Online Game Redeem Bonus Code

Here’s a guide on how to get those free chips:

  1. Head to the WSOP app
  2. Click on Get Chips
  3. Enter Bonus Code ‘WSOOOP’
  4. Click Redeem Code
WSOP Free Poker Game 300,000 Chips

Once you have your chips, you can get more chips thanks to your daily free chips. Rank up to win more, or by playing in Hold’em or Omaha cash games, completing missions or participating in the Daily Blitz – an exciting memory game that could see you walk away with millions of chips!

PlayWSOP Daily Blitz

Players can also link their Facebook accounts to earn even more chips, as well as inviting your poker-playing friends, send them gifts and challenging them at the online felt!

How do you level up in PlayWSOP?

Once you’ve got your free chips, you can start working your way up the Club rankings. Levelling up is easy on the World Series of Poker official game, and we’ve already got a helpful guide on how you can reach Grand Master Club even faster.

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Club Rank Free Chips Daily Free Spin Store Bonus Gift Bonus Invite Bonus Super Spin Multiplier Momentum
Jacks Up to 54k 108k x1 10.8k 50k x9 +2
Queens Up to 68k 162k x1.4 13.5k 75k x15 +3
Kings Up to 96k 270k x1.8 18k 100k x18 +4
Aces Up to 200k 1.35m x2.4 22.5k 200k x24 +5
Masters Up to 500k 4.5m x3 36k 500k x30 +6
Grand Masters Up to 1m 45m x3.6 54k 1m x36 +7

Every time you increase your level, you increase the amount of daily free chips you collect from the lobby, as well as receiving bonuses on chips bought from the store, gifts received from friends and bonuses received when you invite a player to the app!

How do you add friends on PlayWSOP?

Play free online poker with your friends on PlayWSOP
PlayWSOP add Facebook friends send free gifts

From the tournament lobby, it’s easy to add your Facebook friends to your PlayWSOP account and send them free gifts. Just click one of the two options and type the name of friends you want to add.

Once you’ve added them, you’ll be able to call any of your friends to the game, allowing them to sit and play against you at the online felt.

You can also exchange gifts, chat and see their profile – including how many WSOP bracelets or rings they’ve won while playing on the app.

Download the Official WSOP App Today!

By signing up to WSOP today through PokerNews you’ll get your hands on 1,000,000 chips absolutely free! Play the Champions Circuit as well as exciting events like Caribbean Hold’em, Executive Deal and Cash Dash!

By playing hands and winning pots in any one of these games – or indeed at the Hold’em or Omaha cash games – players earn Bracelet Points which players then use to complete collections and earn WSOP bracelets!

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